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Anona Parrot – Earrings


Traditional African carving style with adinkra symbol.

Sterling Silver/ 9ct Yellow/ White Gold/18ct Yellow/Rose Gold – Upon request.

Production Time:

12-14 days + International or Domestic Shipping.


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The Akan Ashanti People is made of 9 clans (families): The Anona, The Asakyiri, The Abrade, The Ekona, The Okoyo, The Aduana, The Asenee, The Bretuo and The Asona.

To Celebrate and honour the history we created some inspirational and beautiful fine jewellery pieces from a number of the clans. These Clans represent Our founder’s lineage.

Anona – its symbol is the parrot and their symbolic quality is eloquence and perfect management. According to oral tradition, these people were very powerful in terms of statesmanship and governance. With the help of their first King Nana Boa Amponsem l they formed the first Akan Empire