Eyedress Celebrates Valentine’s Day with New “Let’s Skip To The Wedding” Visual

Filipino singer, songwriter and rapper Eyedress has been around the world and back, from showing comedian Eric Andre the ropes in his hometown of Manila for his “No Love in the City” music video to getting over “Separation Anxiety” with some help from Mac DeMarco and King Krule. He even toured the side streets of Tokyo for his “Toxic Masculinity” visual. Now he returns just in time for Valentine’s Day with a sun soaked Southern California-based music video shot all in 16mm film for his latest single, “Let’s Skip to the Wedding.”

“Back in December, I found out my friend, director Angela Stephenson was coming to LA and we discussed filming a video over DM’s but had no idea what or when. We’ve worked many times before – the “Used To Be Good Friends” music video and the Boiler Room Manila documentary,” Eyedress told HYPEBEAST. “Before we met up, me and my manager Chris stayed up all night and came up with the concept of the video stoned at our dining table. We only had one day to come up with a treatment to present to my label so we could get a little budget. We were all pretty nervous and excited as everything was going to be shot guerilla style, and it was also my first time to make a video with 16mm film.”

What resulted was a retro-inspired aesthetic and a modern takedown of lovers on their wedding day complete with a The Graduate-esque reminder of what comes next directly after the wedding bells ring. Raiding a convenient store for chips, playing the guitar as the sunsets and stealing some Valentine’s Day candy all fit succinctly into the video’s two minute runtime.

“Before the first day of the shoot me and my girlfriend drove to the costume shop in Glendale to pick out the costumes for the video and as soon as we tried on the costumes my mind felt at ease as I could start to see how everything was gonna look,” Eyedress said. “Everything was falling into place but the car we were going to use fell through last minute, so I scoured Instagram for a cool car and ended up seeing my old friend from high school, Tanner’s page which was full of vintage whips. He put me in touch with our old friend who had a sick BMW. The color was perfect for Valentine’s Day.”

Watch the full music video above and be on the lookout for more from Eyedress coming later this year. In more music news, listen to Kevin Parker reflect on getting older in Tame Impala’s latest album, The Slow Rush.

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