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Bang & Olufsen Refines Minimalism Further With Luxe “Contrast Collection”

High-end sound company Bang & Olufsen has enlisted its fellow Danish design label Norm Architects for an eight-piece, limited-edition release called the “Contrast Collection.” In the “Contrast Collection,” the the two brands have studied the combination of contrasting materials and tactile surfaces. As it states in its press release, Bang & Olufsen explores the “minimal...Read More

Instagram Begins Hiding Photoshopped Images

Facebook, Inc. is taking the next step in its effort to battle fake news, starting with an Instagram feature that hides photoshopped images. Discovered by San Francisco-based photographer Toby Harriman, the latest feature will add a black “False Information” warning on images deemed to be altered. Users, however, still have the choice to view the...Read More