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G-SHOCK & ‘Transformers’ Launch New Master Nemesis Optimus Prime Watch Set

Following their 35-year anniversary collaboration last year, G-Shock and Transformers come together once again to create a new watch inspired by Master Nemesis Optimus Prime. The Unicron-created character serves as the black colorway offering of last year’s G-Shock x Transformers Master Optimus Prime Resonant Mode watch set. The “Dark Cobe” features red and blue-green lines...Read More

visvim’s ‘Subsequence’ Magazine Launches Second Volume

Produced by visvim‘s Cubism Inc., Subsequence is an infrequently-published limited-run magazine dedicated to hands-on craft from around the globe. Published in both English and Japanese, “The Unforgettable Issue” includes a disparate group of contributors with content that focuses on thoughtful craft sourced from regions as diverse as California, Japan and Norway. Stylist Stephen Mann, architect...Read More