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James Jean Focuses on Branches of Imagination in ‘The Editor – Night Mode’ Limited Print

Continuing his series of time-limited releases, visual artist James Jean has revealed his upcoming limited print, The Editor – Night Mode. Jean’s latest offering builds on his distinct whimsical artistic sensibility and is centered around “The Editor” figure which is depicted pruning the branching narratives of her imagination emerging from a ceramic planter on her...Read More

The Ummah Chroma to Launch Spiritual & Meditative Installation at Het Nieuwe Instituut

This month, Het Nieuwe Instituut will activate art collective The Ummah Chroma’s installation, entitled “G/D THYSELF: Spirit Strategy On Raising Free Black Children,” in collaboration with International Film Festival Rotterdam. The project was inspired by the group’s short film, AS TOLD TO G/D THYSELF (2019), which represents the “cosmic journey of sacred youth, during which...Read More

Bram Bogart’s Thickly Painted, Textural Works to Take Over London’s White Cube Gallery

White Cube London is presenting the works of late Belgian artist Bram Bogart. The solo exhibition will explore the sculptural qualities of Bogart’s paintings produced between 1959 and the mid-1990s. Bogart created expressive, three-dimensional paintings through a process of ‘building.’ He focused on paint as a physical matter and recognized the medium’s material possibilities. Working...Read More

Studio Drift Reconnects Humanity to the Environment With Immersive Installations

Dutch artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta of Studio Drift will display their work at a multimedia exhibition, titled “DRIFT: About Nature, Technology and Humankind,” at San Francisco’s Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Presented in the former Saint Joseph’s Church, the show will explore how nature and technology impact modern life. Anchored by the innovative works of...Read More

KAWS Releases Nine Limited Edition Tondo Prints

Artnet Auctions launched a sale with Pace Prints spotlighting a set of nine tondo prints from KAWS’ THE NEWS series. From Spongebob-inspired attributes to “XX” letterforms in vivid tones, each work features pop culture-infused compositions with the acclaimed Brooklyn-based artist’s ubiquitous motifs. The “KAWS: THE NEWS” collaborative sale is live now on Artnet’s website through...Read More

Harumi Yamaguchi & YOSHIROTTEN Present Powerful Female Illustrations at NANZUKA 2G

Last year, celebrated Japanese artists Harumi Yamaguchi and YOSHIROTTEN launched a collaborative show featuring illustrations of airbrushed female figures. This time, NANZUKA will present both artists’ work at its new “2G” studio space. “HARUMI’S WINTER” focuses on winter-themed airbrush illustrations Yamaguchi painted for PARCO’s advertisements, with the entire art direction overseen by YOSHIROTTEN. From the...Read More