Henny Maestro is a contemporary brand by Henry Apaw Founder/Creative Director.
The works are inspired by his personal and cultural influences from the worlds of urban music, street-wear, high-end luxury fashion and design. Our story starts in the colour and culture of African life and Spirituality and ends with the slick, polished fast paced diversity of his home the city of London.

We plan to produce the finest products and collaborate with top Manufacturers around the world. Innovation, positive expression helps us to achieve the highest quality with complete satisfaction to our customers.


As well as our own luxury products, we at Henny Maestro love to assist and partner with brands and artists in the world of creativity. We have over 10 years commercial experience working on large international brands. To find out more visit our parent company at:

Production Concepts, Design and Sample Creation
We have worked with top brands and manufacturers from all parts of the world, we have created many conceptual products ready for market here’s a few images.


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